For the second year in a row, this Thursday, April 25, Les Flammes rewards rap artists and other urban trends.

Will Aya Nakamura be the Queen of Flames? In the middle of two unjustified controversies over her participation in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the singer won the title of star of the 2024 Flames ceremony, which rewards, for its second edition, urban cultures in music. Aya Nakamura, competing in six categories, is at the top of the nominations for the festivities dedicated to rap and its trends.

In total, around fifty artists are nominated in the 24 categories for the second edition of Les Flammes, which is being held this Thursday, April 25 at the Théâtre du Châtelet, in Paris. The ceremony is broadcast “free and live on YouTube, Twitch and for the first time live on W9”, the event organizers announced a few weeks before the event.

The Flames ceremony, inaugurated in 2023, aims to represent popular cultures, in particular rap, R

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