BEYONCE. Announced by some media and on social networks, Beyoncé’s concert date at Groupama Stadium in Lyon has mysteriously disappeared. Explanations.

[Updated February 2, 2023 at 10:14 am] Beyoncé in Lyon, will come, will not come? This Wednesday, February 1, the popstar caused a stir by confirming a new world tour announced for 2023. Baptized Renaissance Tour, named after her latest album, this concert salvo will take Queen B to Europe, and France, with two dates announced. : one in Paris, at the Stade de France on May 26, 2023, the second in Marseille, at the Orange Vélodrome on June 11, 2023. But a phantom date agitates social networks: what about the concert in Lyon , originally announced on June 6, 2023?

If the date is present on some screenshots of Beyoncé’s site, shared on Twitter, the Lyon concert has indeed disappeared. According to La Tribune de Lyon, to this question, OL Vallée responds clearly: “we have no information, if his arrival was confirmed, we would know.” A statement also relayed by Le Progrès: “We have no announcement to make on this subject”, slices the Groupama Stadium in a more nuanced way. For its part, Live Nation, Beyoncé’s turner, explains to BFM Lyon ” that there has been no confirmation of Beyoncé’s concert at Groupama Stadium”, adding that “the date of June 6 is blocked for a concert but no artist is confirmed”.

So, was the announcement premature or totally invented? For now, the mystery remains. And the Lyon fans, to remain unsatisfied. On Twitter, dozens of messages from fans desperate to see the concert date in Lyon be announced are posted. “Not Beyoncé who removed the date in Lyon like that without warning after having hyped the whole region”, wrote a surfer, when another added: “Beyoncé who removes the date in Lyon, I’m too afraid she is in the process of what do we do?!?!”