tomorrow, Saturday, begins included the summer season in the outdoor swimming pool – entertainment and gastronomy. The new host much links with the city, the outdoor pool and the Sport.

Germering –”Ilios” is the Greek, means sun and is also the Name of the new restaurant at the swimming pool. “This fits perfectly”, says the new tenant Christos Gkouziotis: sunshine is good for an outdoor swimming pool. And also the 36-year-old will start his new job with a lot of positive emotions. “And very good memories.”

Because for the lessee of the new outdoor swimming pool restaurants the activity is a return to one of the important places of his Childhood. His father was a farmer at the same place, as the locality was still called “Poseidon”. “I grew up, where I work now,” says Gkouziotis, the last seven years in Wolfratshausen and over the Internet from the released site in Germering, Germany.

What links him with the city, told Gkouziotis also his family. The decision to go to Germering, then fell very quickly. The new outdoor swimming pool-host, who is also responsible for the two kiosks, be back in a familiar environment. The kerschensteiner school, where he attended first and second grade, as well as the surface of the ice, he can look directly from the Restaurant.

In the case of the Munich lions

His first sports Station, the father of two children, the children are three and four years old, in ice hockey. “At the Wanderers, as they were still called EV.” But then kicked Gkouziotis prefer. He did so well that he played as a nine-year-old at the Munich lion and up to the B-juniors up is also made in the case of the SpVgg Unterhaching and FC Augsburg Station. In the adult area Gkouziotis took up among other things at SV heimstetten.

only the Sport is not But the 36-Year-old in the blood, but also the gastronomy. Because his three brothers followed in the footsteps of the father, “you are all the host,” says Gkouziotis, has also a sister. The apprenticeship as a chef, he has completed in Greece, and also remember the guests of the “Ilios”.

Modern and cozy

He had a lot invested in the Restaurant, so Gkouziotis. “It’s supposed to be a modern and yet cosy Restaurant.” The have to do with the personal relationship to Germering. The new tenant sees it also as an investment in the future, the children. “To have no way and to the same primary school go to the father.”

Gkouziotis sounds in satisfaction, and he makes the to the outside. “I am looking forward to the new challenge,” he says. Thus, the operator of the amusement device has met a concern of public utilities,. After the last one as a “Melter” well-known Restaurant had closed in September 2018, after nearly four years of its doors, was to become the search of the Stadtwerke urgent. The winter season had to take place without hosting.

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