Exceeding of air limit values, the German deal with large cities – a CDU-local politicians no longer “want to touch a cyclist with a velvet glove”. And calls, Parking fees for cyclists.

Update from the 8. May 2019, 18.30 hrs:

The CDU in Düsseldorf, Germany has distanced itself from the proposal of a party friend, to rise in the future, Parking fees for bicycles. It does not give the slightest occasion, with a divided party and Ratsfraktion on Wednesday. Corresponding applications were not planned.

Ratsfraktion and the CDU went on a distance to an initiative of the düsseldorf CDU-Ratsfraktionsvizes Andreas Hartnigk. He had not told the Bild newspaper that it is unacceptable that motorists are demonized u-turn in Traffic, cyclists would be touched with velvet gloves. Hartnigk moved in the meantime from his thrust and stated that he did not keep his claims upright.

avenger of the drivers? CDU politician calls for Parking fees for bicycles

Düsseldorf – climate change, car exhaust, clogged inner cities… all of the charming issues in Germany. The focus of interest is the Germans ‘ favourite child, the car. Some of the city hopes to have the Bicycle as a solution to their traffic problems. And yet it is the cyclist now wants to take on a local politician in Düsseldorf, the visor – and, for reasons of fairness just as hard on the Kandarre as motorists:

The Deputy head of the CDU-Ratsfraktion in Düsseldorf, Andreas Hartnigk, would like to ask cyclists with Parking fees for bicycles to the checkout. It was not acceptable that motorists turning at the Traffic really would be demonized, cyclists would be touched with kid gloves, said the CDU politician of the Bild-Zeitung. The CDU group in the city Council wanted to take on Tuesday at the request of any comments and referred to Hartnigk.

told the newspaper that he prepare an appropriate request for the transport Committee of the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is intended to apply a “principle of equal treatment”, for bicycles, Parking fees would have to be paid, if for the car – as in Düsseldorf and discussed – in the future 24 hours of Parking fees. For cyclists, a better infrastructure is created. This should contribute to the costs – for example in the Form of adhesive badges or tickets.

Parking fees for bicycles? Green MEP’s “crazy” – CDU-colleague from the Council speaks of “schnapps idea”

The tweeted from Düsseldorf root end of Green-the top candidate for the European elections, Sven Giegold, said: “the CDU-politician want to save the climate: No price for CO2, but Parking fees for bicycles. Crazy!“

CDU parliamentary leader Rüdiger Gutt said in the Rheinische Post, the proposal of his Deputy was made without any internal coordination. Another CDU Councilman called the move according to RP a “schnapps idea”.

Until the end of April, a court had conceded a law of the Federal government to avoid the driving ban. High waves also a move by the Greens to ban in the foreseeable future, the sale of new cars with Diesel and petrol engines hit.

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