Two deaths, two illnesses. No less than three investigations have been opened in Bordeaux to shed light on these various cases involving drugs.

What is happening in Bordeaux? While BFMTV discussed earlier in the day various cases in which the victims had the commonality of having consumed drugs, the public prosecutor of Bordeaux, Frédérique Porterie, provided an update in the middle of the evening this Wednesday March 20. Firstly, while three deaths were initially reported by the 24-hour news channel, there are in reality “only” two deaths to deplore.

Thus, the bodies of two men, aged 44 and 47, were indeed discovered by firefighters on March 12 in an apartment in the Gironde capital, relays Le Parisien. The two victims, who had been in a relationship for more than three years, allegedly overdosed. Those in their 40s were using GHB or 3M™. An investigation into manslaughter is now underway.

At the same time as this case, two other investigations were opened by the Bordeaux public prosecutor’s office. These cases also concern facts involving drug use. A man in his forties was discovered “alone and unconscious” on March 15 in a Bordeaux apartment and transported to hospital. Released from the health establishment, he has since had the opportunity to admit to the police that he is a fan of “Chemsex”, organizes parties of this type and sells narcotics. The practice of “Chemsex” was until recently rather confidential. The fatal road accident in which comedian Pierre Palmade was involved, which occurred in February 2023, made it known to the general public. “Chemsex” is a portmanteau that combines the terms “chemical”, i.e. “chemical” or “product”, and “sex”. In short, the practice consists of having sex while under the influence of drugs.

Finally, the last affair took place on Saturday March 16, still in Bordeaux. A 61-year-old man reportedly felt unwell while he was at home with two other men. They are the ones who would have contacted the emergency services. They confided having consumed 3M™ with the sixty-year-old. The victim is now out of danger and should in turn be interviewed by the police soon. However, the prosecutor assured Wednesday evening, at this stage, “no link could be made” between these three cases which were, however, entrusted to the same service.