skating is cool. And healthy diet also. That was the message that the Skater Tobias copper-mediated on Tuesday the Waldramer secondary school students.

Waldram – “davic guys, what’s up?” Tobias copper hits the tone of the students sitting in front of him. The Wolfratshauser is the co-founder of the Gorilla project. On Tuesday, he visited with his Team, the middle school in Waldram, and had the Fifth – to eight-graders in Freestyle sports, get a taste. He also taught them all about healthy eating and environmental issues.

“Unfortunately, you have no math, German and also no English,” said copper to the students that he had, at the latest, after this announcement on his page. In the Wake of the former Skate-European champion in Breakdance-professionals, Freestyle Frisbee Cracks, parkour runners, beatboxers, football freestylers. The boys and girls of the Waldramer middle school, and two classes of the Montessori school Dietramszell have the discipline to choose in which you wanted to first steps wagon. The young athletes were impressed by the breakneck dance moves, multiple somersaults and artistic Frisbee throws, presented by the Coaches to a loud Hip-Hop music. The art pieces are at least that hard to learn how to look, saw the students quickly.

The break dancing group practiced the first steps to American Rap. “It is a lot of what you need to be aware of. Beat the clock and make the right step,“ said Coach Moses, a young dancer who has already had international appearances. Slowly, the students studied a rotation. “Left Kick, right Kick, cross,” was the statement. The torso and head to sweeping Armbewegen.

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In the meantime, the young Vitus turned to the school yard to do his rounds on a Skateboard, hands casually in the front pockets of his hooded sweater. “The skating was invented by surfers from California,” knew the students. Would not have, if the swell to Surf, sufficient, easy rollers attached to the bottom of your boards. Not all students were able to skate from the beginning to be as safe as Vitus. Tobias copper showed the students simple Tricks on the Board. They tried to kick the quiet standing Board with a spirited Kick in the air, and stop it after a Rollover again secure under the feet. “Nice” was not the Trick of a Boy, “so easy,” his classmate.

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one and a Half hours, the students were allowed to test one of the trend sports until there was a common lunch. Unhealthy Fast Food you tried in vain. The Gorilla kitchen team had prepared a Buffet of healthy food. Strawberries, Feta cheese and beetroot salad could taste the students. “We are not forcing anyone to eat anything,” said cook, Verena. “But we want to motivate the students to try everything once.” In your experience, are the biggest doubters to overcome their Shyness. “Even the beetroot salad is eaten every Time.”

afternoon Learning to stand again in the foreground. To project Islands of copper, and his Team taught the students much about sustainability, environmental protection, and relaxation. Dominik Stallein