A user with eBay classifieds was carried to a thoughtless Expression. The receipt was prompt and violent.

Munich glitches, spelling errors, oddities – the Facebook page “Best Of classifieds” collects archaeological finds from the German Online flea markets. First of all, of course, from eBay classifieds. The Fans of “Best of classifieds” are numerous, with Around 500,000 users follow the page already.

For thousands of reactions to a Posting from 26. April. In Screenshots, obviously, is recorded a correspondence from a supplier with a prospective buyer that escalated quickly.

eBay classifieds: negotiations lead to an insult – “Best of classifieds” shows’s

“Hello 350 Euro I offer you?” a user writes and adds to the his phone number. The provider is not formulated in a rash and dramatically, that he is satisfied with it. “350€, I’ll give you a bomb you Harz,” he writes. And conceded to the fact a rebuke: “Pass on your comments.”

The seller sets two more insults. “Take care of your price proposals on you dog” and “Go Rex, you servant.” What is meant by Rex, remains unclear – it may be the scooter brand, and the two negotiate on a two-Wheeler.

The classifieds-user’s enough anyway. “You Harzer”, “You dog,” and “servant” – he responds with a “Now I’ll show you.”

eBay classifieds: Due to insults to more clearly display

more than just an empty threat. Because the Facebook page “Best Of classifieds” documented, official Write. Apparently, the offender has received a letter from the police. To be more precise: the parents, whose son will be called to the accused a hearing. Once again a nice proof that the Internet is not a law-free zone.

mind you, is not officially confirmed, that everything has happened exactly and it is not a Fake. Both Screenshots as well as the photo of the authorities writing seem authentic.

Approximately 5,000 comments from the virtual exchange of blows has collected until Monday afternoon. Many react in disbelief. As it is stated: “do not Know now what is poorer: Someone in the classifieds insult, or someone to show, just because he was a little offense to one? In any case, both are correct case.“

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