Season 4 of “Bracelets rouge” is broadcast on TF1 this Monday, September 11 at 9:10 p.m. New sick patients arrive at the hospital for this reboot.

“The Red Bracelets” are back. Three years after the end of season 3, a fourth season is launched on TF1 this Monday, September 11. From 9:10 p.m., viewers will be able to follow the destiny of new characters: Benji, suffering from a degenerative disease, Gabriel who is in rehabilitation after suffering a personal tragedy, Nathan who lost his sight following an accident, Emma who is suffering kidney failure and Zoe, admitted following an invoice which revealed a much more serious illness.

It is therefore a new gang which is formed in the “Red Bracelets” hospital, and an almost entirely renewed cast, with the exception of the medical staff. Thus, we will not find Roxane, Clément, Thomas or even Medhi, the protagonists of the first three seasons of the successful series. Logical, when some of the characters died during the episodes, and others, finally cured, were able to leave the hospital. Nicolas Cuche, screenwriter and director on the first three seasons, thus explained to Allociné that he “knew that we could not make their adventures last forever. Season 3 closes their stories well.”

This new version was thus presented as a reboot, even if the hospital staff remains the same. The series wanted to introduce a new generation to spectators: “We will have to manage to make people forget the characters from the first seasons and make viewers want to get to know other people again, hoping that we will not fall into automatic comparison”, explained Véronique Marchat, producer of the series, at the microphone of La libre Belgique.

Next Generation “Red Bracelets” Season 4 has 6 episodes. They are visible every Monday evening, from September 11, 2023, at the rate of two episodes per week. The broadcast must therefore end on September 25, 2023. If you cannot see them the evening of their broadcast on the TV program, please note that they are put online the next day on the free replay streaming platform MyTF1.