The One Piece live action series has been renewed. We do not yet know the number of episodes or the release date.

This is big news for fans of the Straw Hats crew. The “One Piece” series has been renewed for a season 2. Netflix was quick to make the news official as soon as the creator of the manga, Eiichiro Oda, was able to share it with his fans: “Two weeks after the launch, I have just received excellent news. Netflix has decided to renew the series! The live-action adventures of Iñaki and the Straw Hats will continue!”, declared the mangaka, before calling on his fans to be patient: ” It will still take some time to prepare the scripts, so please be patient.”

For now, we do not yet know when season 2 of “One Piece” will be released, and we no longer have details on the content of the episodes and their numbers. But fans of the manga can have fun making predictions. In his message, Eiichiro Oda has already confirmed that “the Straw Hats will need a great doctor”, teasing the arrival of the adorable but nevertheless terrifying Chopper in the sequel. Furthermore, in the rest of the manga, the characters embark on the Alabasta arc, which sees them confront members of the Baroque Works, a criminal organization led by Crocodile, but also Smoker, vice admiral of the Navy.

Vogue Merry has been navigating audiences for two weeks. The series quickly rose to the top of the most viewed programs on the platform around the world, with 37.8 million cumulative views to date, or more than 284 million hours of viewing in two weeks. A nice score, certainly, but which does not make us forget the monstrous records held by Squid Game or Wednesday before it: for comparison, the series worn by Jenna Ortega had recorded 50.6 million views in just five days, report observers of the audiences of the streaming site, while it is difficult to make the same comparison with Squid Game (Netflix did not record views at the time), but the Korean series had recorded, in just one week, 571.76 million hours watched.