MISS GUYANE 2023. Guyana has chosen its representative for the next Miss France election. We reveal the portrait of Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï.

[Updated July 17, 2023 at 11:41 a.m.] The regional Miss election waltz has begun, and we finally know the name of the second candidate for Miss France 2024. Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï was elected Miss Guyana 2023 on Saturday, July 15, 2023. The latter will also have an advantage over the other participants since the preparation trip will be held on her land at the end of the year, before flying to Dijon, where the national competition will be held on December 16 next.

The new Miss Guyana is only 17 years old. Originally from Kourou, Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï made it known when she was elected that she wanted to become a marketing agent in sustainable and green marketing. She also let it be known that she is passionate about dance, show business, singing, travel and social media. Huge advantages for a beauty pageant, but will it be enough to be elected Miss France? Answer at the end of the year.

Miss Guyana elects a young woman each year to the Miss France beauty pageant. Several candidates present themselves annually in the hope of becoming the ambassador of the overseas region. Since the creation of the Miss France competition, only one Miss Guyana has won the Miss France crown: it is Alicia Aylies, in 2017.