The interpreter of Abdel Fedala in “Plus belle la vie” is actively sought by the police after a road accident. Marwan Berreni is suspected of having fled after knocking down a woman while leaving a nightclub.

The Mâcon gendarmerie has been looking for Marwan Berreni since Thursday August 3. A young woman was mowed down leaving the Le 400 nightclub in Mâcon. The police suspect the actor, known for his role as Abdel Fedala in the television series “Plus belle la vie”, of being the driver behind the accident. The gendarmes identified him as the owner of the getaway car. The victim’s dog was also hit by the vehicle, a Mercedes 4×4 according to Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire.

The young woman would suffer from several fractures and was prescribed twenty-eight days of total interruption of work (ITT). Marwan Berreni knows the place well since he lives in Fuissé, a neighboring town of Mâcon. The same town where the 4×4 was found. But the gendarmes were unable to find him at his home. He is currently considered a witness to the investigation. The Journal de Saône-et-Loire clarified that: “no charge weighs against him at this time but he must be heard as a witness first”. The agents suspect him of having fled to the south of France Initially, the victim, a drug addict, had told the investigators that he was the target of revenge on the background of drug trafficking, but the gendarmes would favor “a road accident assorted of a hit-and-run” according to Le Parisien.

In February 2022, the actor had already had a history with the police: Nice-Matin had revealed his police custody following a complaint for night noise in Vence (Alpes-Maritimes). The police had confronted the comedian, drunk and injured in the head. Faced with his aggressiveness and threats, the police had to subdue him and then placed him in custody.