The reality star who rose to prominence on Secret Story shared sad news on her Instagram about her medical condition.

“I feel empty, I have lost my taste for food and a bit of life too.” This is sad news announced by Caroline Receveur on her Instagram account. The former TV star, who rose to prominence on Secret Story and Les Anges, announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. She specifies on the social network that her disease is at an “aggressive but discovered early” stage.

Caroline Receveur had announced, several weeks ago, to put her business on hold. The TV star, however, says she receives support from her husband, Hugo Philip: “Hugo’s strength, love and unfailing optimism make me approach each stage with more lightness and laughter”. She also adds that “[his] healing is already programmed into [his] head and into [his] body.”

Biography of Caroline Receveur – Caroline Receveur is a reality TV star born on November 10, 1987. First a model, she participated in 2008 in Secret Story. Her secret was then that she was in a relationship with another candidate, Nicolas. The following year, she became a columnist on the show Morandini! before joining the NRJ group and the show So True. In 2012, she was a columnist for the program Les Anges de la téléréalité 4: Club Hawaï. She was also one of the actresses of the reality show Hollywood Girl for three seasons. Subsequently, the one who also distinguished herself as an influencer joined the seventh season of the show Dancing with the stars in 2016. In a relationship with model Hugo Philip since 2016, they married in 2020 and had a child.