came To a terrible family drama on Thursday evening in Dresden. A father killed his two children.

Update 9.41 PM: The second wounded child, the floated after the terrible family quarrel in Dresden in danger of their lives, has not made it unfortunately. It succumbed to his severe injuries. A spokesman for the police in Dresden said on Friday morning. First, it was reported killed and one critically injured child. Among the dead is a two-year-old girl and a five-year-old Boy.

warrant of arrest against the 55-year-old father, the French roots was requested, said the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s office. For further information, the authority has not made initially, but referred to the more detailed information in the course of the day. The mother of the siblings was hurt.

family drama in Dresden

Dresden – On Thursday evening, a real family drama took place in Dresden in an apartment in the new town. A child was killed. Another child suffered severe injuries and life is in danger.

“determination tactical reasons, we can make no further details,” said a spokesman for the police of the incident. The surroundings of the crime scene has been completely cordoned off. The circumstances of the crime and a possible motive were in the evening still unclear.

The Couple will have a fight before the murder, violently with each other, according to the image.

family drama in Dresden: Alleged perpetrators

MDR reported that the mother of the children (2 and 5 years old) and her live-in partner were hurt arrested. The latter was taken in the vicinity of the crime scene; he is considered to be alleged perpetrators. Neighbors had earlier alerted the police.

Offenbach was shot and killed a 44-year-old woman on the open road. Here, too, the motive of the act is still unclear.

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