Ska Keller as the top candidate of the Greens in the European elections. In this Interview, she is thinking about the Turkey, the top of the Commission and criticized the behavior of Angela Merkel and co.

Munich – Ska (actually, Franciscan) basement is leader of the Green group in the EU Parliament and top candidate of her party for the European elections. In this Interview, she talks about the sluggish, Conservative, and a great desire: at last, a woman on the Commission.

Mrs Keller, we have heard you speak Turkish. Translate: “Mr Erdogan, we will stop immediately, the EU-accession talks.” to complicated

cellar: Uff,. But I would also not agree.

Not changes to the cancelled Istanbul-choice?

cellar: , The accession talks are anyway already on the ice. You completely cancel, would have only symbolic meaning and would only use Erdogan. It could look wonderful in election campaigns excl. In addition, we would let the Democrats in Turkey in the lurch.

The EU should not respond at all?

cellar: Yes, but with instruments that meet Erdogan directly. For example, I wonder whether the customs Union with Turkey in view of the systematic dismantling of democracy and the rule of law still acceptable. The Conservatives want to expand the customs Union, but even because it is good for business. For democracy and human rights that brings nothing.

Ska Keller calls for a reasonable price for the environment harmful to the economies

Gets the people who vote in the European elections, the Green, higher taxes on Gas, petrol, Diesel?

cellar: environment harmful to the economies do not need to get a reasonable price, so that such burn for free our climate. Although there are emissions trading, but the CO2-price of 25 Euro per ton is far too low, that has no steering effect.

The price could raise Yes.

cellar: we Have tried. We wanted to reduce the number of certificates to make them more expensive. But the Conservatives were against it.

+ of discontinuation of EU accession talks with Turkey: Ska Keller leads the Greens in the European elections.©Sleep

you want the state pays the revenue from a CO2 tax to the citizens. Seriously, The money would flow into other pots…

cellar: That would be fatal. But in Switzerland, a similar model is working now. The idea behind this is to reward those with less CO2 emissions – and particularly lower-income households.

the EU Needs more rights to big issues, such as climate or Migration to tackle?

cellar: We have a lot of skills already, even at the time of Migration. Since it is not, it is the Parliament, blocking solutions, but there are individual States. But Yes, the Parliament should have the right laws to propose and the EU Council should be more transparent. The Federal government has blocked any number of projects to the environment, or tax justice, but no one gets it.

In Germany, the Greens are a Power in other countries…

cellar: wait a minute, we’re doing great. See you in the Netherlands, France or Finland; we grow everywhere. We want to be the strongest of the green group, there has ever been and with more than 58 members to the Parliament.

The top candidates Timmermans and Weber to speak of a destiny of choice and warn of the end of the EU. You see it so dramatically?

cellar: It is dramatic. In this election, it’s about the direction in which the EU developed in the long term. The Right want Europe to be broken, we want to bring Europe forward. It is to be a pioneer in climate protection, in the case of social issues. It takes more than the Status quo.

If you are unlucky, the Right is so strong that all the rest of the forces must form a Block against you.

cellar: The choice is not gone yet. We already have some of the right-wing parties in the Parliament. But no work, but to use Parliament as a stage for propaganda. I come around a lot in Europe and I see that many Pro-Europeans recognise what it is. It makes me courage.

What topics the Federal government in the Euro blocked by the Council of Europe supposedly

Whom do you want to support because: Weber or Timmermans?

cellar: (thinking) We are the Green and for our program. We want to be strong, to arrange for an ecological, social and democratic Europe.

+ Would like to see a woman on the Commission’s tip: Ska Keller visited the editorial office in Munich, Germany.©Sleep

Must be the new President of the Commission, inevitably, one of the top candidates?

cellar: From our point of view, Yes. Even better: a top candidate. A woman we had not yet even at the Commission. It is time.

you speak of yourself, or?

cellar: (laughs) Well, let’s stay on the carpet.

Germany’s Green the Chancellor will find great. Should Angela Merkel take on a European role, for example, as Council President?

cellar: Moment, we have some criticism of Mrs Merkel. As I said, the Federal government blocked much. To Emmanuel Macrons reform proposals, Merkel said nothing. Honestly, I have no intention of this going any further.

All of the important developments before the election, we will handle in our News-Ticker – also when it comes to Pamela Anderson. After the European elections the EU should take special summit – it may be a special appointment for Manfred Weber of the CSU. The Wahl-O-Mat for the European elections can give you a decision-making aid.

Interview: Marcus Mäckler, George Anastasiadis, Mike Schier