Franz Beckenbauer criticised the performances of FC Bayern under Niko Kovac violently. Joshua Kimmich presented a certificate.

Update from the 6. May, 14.35 PM: Thomas Müller feels even after the criticism of Franz Beckenbauer well in the Jersey of FC Bayern and sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic accuses the Emperor, “have not the right words”.

Now Joshua expresses Kimmich to the criticism of Bauer’s Pool. After the game, the Bayern Munich against Hannover 96 (3:1) said the rights defender in the Mixed Zone: “Mr Beckenbauer was a great player and a great coach. If Mr Beckenbauer says so, then it is unique.“

in addition, the 24-Year-old of the opinion that the team has done this season in “many Games,” too little. The FCB does not have to often acts in the highest level of performance. But it is also clear: on Saturday, Bayern can become a master.

Müller counters: “anyone Who can read…”

Update 4. May, 19.22 at: On the criticism of Franz Beckenbauer mentioned Thomas Müller said: “I know how good the Uwe-Seeler-tradition self”, and countered the criticism: “anyone Who can read, feels good in the Jersey of FC Bayern. Of course, we have had better seasons. But when applying nine points behind to five points ahead, then one has made a lot of right.“

Even more sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic rejected the Beckenbauer-criticism. In his opinion, the Emperor has not “made the right choice of words”. Brazzos view of things: You’ve played “mostly very good” and could get two more titles.

Beckenbauer critical of Bayern: “Special force”

first message from the 4. May, 15.30 clock: Munich honorary President Franz Beckenbauer wants Bayern Coach Niko Kovac, the Double of League championship and DFB Cup. “Is billed in the end. He could get it, to show where the long nose, who have not believed in him. I want it for him,“ said Beckenbauer on Saturday in the Allianz Arena. There, the master was honoured to team of the FC Bayern München from the season 1968/69. The players Beckenbauer had won 50 years ago for the first time in the history of the club, the Double.

Beckenbauer about Kovac: “He’s got to do it”

Kovac could get the Munich this year for the twelfth Time the Double. “It’s not easy to train such a team. It is a pampered force,“ said Beckenbauer. “But Niko should create the Double, he must make it.”

The “Emperor” believes in the quality of the Munich complained of but also some of the performances: “FC Bayern is strong enough for the Double. The team just needs the right setting.“ Exactly who had missed Beckenbauer in the current season. “You could make the Sack a long time ago, but this is not managed. When I see the games in the Champions League and the Europa League, as there will be a fight to the finish, as I sometimes see, the Uwe-Seeler-tradition team,“ said Beckenbauer about the performances of FC Bayern in comparison to the continental Top-Play. “You have to leave, unfortunately, fallen”, defended BEckenbauer its statement with a view to the players of FCB and the castle with the words: “This must not be and must not be”.

in Addition, Beckenbauer also commented on the Causa James Rodriguez FC Bayern*. The Emperor is apparently a Fan of the Colombian. Apparently, the Bayern think-bosses about a change in the dugout. How* reported to Thomas Tuchel will be a new Coach, traded.

Joshua Kimmich belongs in this season of the cornerstones of Bayern. His qualities are known, even in the case of Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona. It comes to the Mega-Transfer?

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