Typically, the way to the results in a formatted Cannabis consumption in the Netherlands. Who, however, soon to be bored, for there are other holiday destinations.

legalized in Some States in the USA have, in recent years, the use of Cannabis. In addition to medical Cannabis, the hemp may be purchased there also for recreational use. This includes the States of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and California. But be careful: Just because Cannabis is allowed in these States, it does not mean that you are allowed to indulge in the Grass unashamedly in Public. Discretion is called for here. The same applies to some of the island groups of the United States.

Cannabis in the holidays: the channel Islands in California

The channel Islands to the southern coast of California is developed as a tourist area, hardly . Therefore vacationers have here from the large hustle and bustle of your peace of mind and can consume relish in a little Cannabis without having to , with Surprises to be expected, as the Online Portal Hytiva reported. The Grass can be bought locally.

But of course this is not everything that makes the island group: Five of the eight Islands form a national Park of 1,000 square kilometers , the half of the water surface. This can only be by plane or by boat. For that, vacationers will be rewarded with an extensive Flora and Fauna , including about 150 plants and animals that are only found on the channel Islands. Moreover, on the Islands, Surfing, Hiking and whale watching.

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Here is allowed Grass: island chain of Aleutian Islands in Alaska

Less hot, but at least as worth seeing is the island chain of the Aleutians on the southern edge of the North-Pacific Bering sea. It belongs to the forgotten Islands of Alaska . In addition to legalized Cannabis consumption of around 150 Islands offer unique experiences: especially the main island of Unalaska is a Paradise for Outdoor sports enthusiasts. the mountain Hiking, fishing and kayaking to ensure adequate employment. Who is more on Sightseeing, with the Russian Orthodox “Cathedral of the Holy Ascension of Christ”, the first cross-shaped Church built in America.

The best time to travel is between may and September. For whom the Aleutian Islands do not offer enough on its own, can control the island chain within a cruise. So multiple holiday objectives.

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Peaks Island, Maine

In the state of Maine, the consumption of Cannabis is allowed – on the small island Peaks Island. As travellers are warned on the official homepage of the island, this is not a typical tourist island. The island is home to nearly 1,000 residents and 2,000 summer vacationers, with the few square meters are already well filled. In principle, there is another part of the neighborhood of the city of Portland.

celebrity of Peaks Island in the 19th century. Century obtained , when the island was due to its Hotels, theaters, and amusement parks a popular destination. Although those days are long gone, but on the island, great views can still be on the water, kayaking, and walks to enjoy.

Cannabis in the USA: pure relaxation on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts

Truly relaxing – not only by the use of Cannabis – is a vacation on Nantucket Island in the state of Massachusetts. The 125-square-metre island located South of Cape Cod and the ferry to reach.

if you just want to refuel only cozy with boutiques to stroll, a bit of sun on the beach, and lighthouses to visit , is here exactly correct. The cool breeze is also a good change to the typical hot beach holiday.

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