Netflix is ​​launching a new South Korean reality show, between The Walking Dead and All of us are dead, this Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

It’s a new reality show that lands on Netflix this Tuesday, August 8, 2023. Subscribers to the streaming platform can binge-watch episodes of the first season of Zombieverse. In this South Korean reality show, candidates find themselves immersed in a scenario worthy of The Walking Dead or All of us are dead: a virus is spreading in Seoul. Participants will have to do everything to survive this zombie apocalypse.

Ten contestants are taking part in this first season of Zombieverse: actress Lee Si-young (Sweet Home), entrepreneur and host Ro Hong-chul, comedian Park Na-rae, rapper DinDin, singer Tsuki, sportsman Yoo Hee-kwan, actor Yiombi Jonathan, actress Yiombi Patricia, Kkwachu Hyung and Dex will have to survive the apocalypse and pass several trials in the hope of staying in the game. role of the living dead.

The Zombieverse reality show is based on a fun, if not innovative, concept. A zombie virus is spreading in Seoul, South Korea, and ten contestants must face challenges and do whatever it takes to survive. To play the living dead who sow chaos in the South Korean capital, Netflix has hired extras.

Zombieverse is a non-television reality show. To discover the episodes, you must have a subscription to a streaming platform, and not just any, since Netflix produces this South Korean reality TV. As account sharing is no longer possible, you must subscribe to a subscription, from €5.99/month with advertisements to €17.99/month with all the advantages.