Streaming subscription costs more and more, but you can earn 400 euros per year and have access to all platforms very easily.

The streaming market is becoming more and more complicated and it’s difficult for users to navigate. Each platform has must-have programs and all are gradually increasing their prices.

Financially, you sometimes have to make choices, and it becomes more and more complex to be constantly up to date with the latest film trends or series. However, there is a solution to amortize the cost of subscriptions while still having access to the major streaming platforms on the market.

By subscribing to the Canal Ciné series subscription, you can have access to a large number of streaming platforms: MyCanal first, but also Apple TV, Disney, Netflix, OCS and Paramount. All for the sum of 25.99 euros per month for 12 years (then 38.99 euros per month). A cheaper offer also exists for those under 26.

While it still represents an investment, this subscription remains cheaper than the accumulation of all the offers from these cheapest streaming platforms without advertising. By subscribing to all these platforms one by one, the cost would amount to 61.45 euros per month! We detail the calculation below:

The Canal Ciné Séries subscription therefore saves 35.46 euros each month over the first 12 months (then 22.46 euros per month), or 425.25 euros the first year (then 270 euros annually). To subscribe to Canal Ciné Séries, simply click here.

Connoisseurs will note, however, that this offer does not include a Prime Video subscription. If you absolutely want to have access to this streaming platform, simply take out a subscription to Amazon for at least 6.99 euros per month, or 69.90 euros per year.

By combining this subscription to the Canal Ciné series offer, you will have access to all streaming platforms available on the French market for 32.98 euros per month. This still represents savings of 35 euros.

If you really want to have access to ALL of the French streaming offering, you also need to subscribe to Prime Video’s Warner pass, at 9.99 euros per month, to discover HBO series like The Last of Us or Succession. And if you are not ready for this additional investment, you will already have many programs to watch with the platforms accessible via Canal Ciné Séries.