A look back at the future of the “Wonder Woman” franchise after the failure of the second episode at the cinema.

In 2017, the international release of Wonder Woman had created a new emulation around the character of Diana Prince, played by Gal Gadot. The film, which was not free from defects, is however a certain success which makes it possible to relaunch the DC machine in the cinema. The successive failures of Justice League and Wonder Woman 1984, the second episode of the franchise, raise questions about the character’s future in cinema.

In December 2020, Warner confirmed that a third Wonder Woman film was in the works, still directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot. Meanwhile, James Gunn takes over the management of DC Studios, in charge of the cinematic adventures of iconic superheroes. In a few weeks, DC’s plans change: Henry Cavill will ultimately not return for a second Man of Steel, and The Hollywood Reporter announces that Wonder Woman 3 will ultimately not see the light of day.

James Gunn, for his part, remains evasive about the future of the character. While Patty Jenkins is accused for a time of having left the production of the film and ended the project, the director wanted to make things clear on social networks: “I never left. I was open to the discussion. I understood that there was nothing I could do to move things forward […] I wish Wonder Woman and her legacy the best future, with or without me.” It would therefore seem that the future of Diana Prince in the cinema is on hold for the moment, and that Wonder Woman 3 will not see the light of day as it was initially planned. But it also does not seem impossible that the character will return to the DCU, in the more or less near future, embodied by Gal Gadot or by another actress. Only the future will tell us.