The Big Cigar is a six-episode American historical miniseries set in the 1970s. It premieres May 17 on the Apple TV streaming service.

The Big Cigar is an American miniseries. The six episodes of the series The Big Cigar are inspired by the incredible, but true, story of an encounter between political activism and cinema in the 1960s when a leader of the Black Panthers joined forces with a film producer to escape to the FBI and escaping to Cuba.

Carried by Marc Menchaca, Alessandro Nivola and André Holland, the six episodes of the miniseries The Big Cigar are broadcast in streaming from May 17 on the Apple TV platform accessible by simple subscription or via the myCANAL offer.

Huey Newton, the founder of the Black Panther group, fled to Cuba to escape the FBI. To cover their tracks, Huey and his friend, producer Bert Schneider, invent a story for a film to be produced, but their plan goes wrong. This is the start of an incredible adventure that is as true as it is improbable.

The Big Cigar is broadcast on the Apple TV streaming platform from May 17, 2024. The giant Disney’s VOD service has become one of the leaders in the sector, with a catalog of exclusive and critically acclaimed series and films. . You can subscribe to Apple TV via simple subscription for 9.99 euros or through the myCANAL offer from 22.99 euros per month.