Highly anticipated, the French comedy series “Fiasco” is available on Netflix. We saw it before its release, here is our critical opinion.

All seven episodes of Fiasco, Igor Gotesman’s comedy miniseries, are finally available on Netflix. The streaming platform unveiled the series, in which a shoot goes wrong, this Tuesday, April 30. In detail, the program follows director Raphaël Valande (Pierre Niney), a cowardly and lying young director who is finally entrusted with the project of his life. But the disasters keep coming, despite the help of his totally nerdy producer (Pascal Demolon), his friend who dreams of being an actor (François Civil) or his nymphomaniac assistant director (Géraldine Nakache). The situation becomes so critical that the filmmaker begins to wonder if a member of his team might be trying to sabotage his film from within.

Be warned: Fiasco fills in awkward situations, awkwardness, and grotesque gags at a breakneck pace. Igor Gotesman adopted the format of the “mockumentary” (mockumentary à la The Office, in this case that of the false making-of), to describe from the inside the behind the scenes of this catastrophic filming. By dint of one-upmanship in comic styles (repetition, poor puns, discomfort, camera gazes, etc.) and impeccable acting (Pierre Niney and François Civil once again prove their excellent comic timing and their complicity ), the series turns out to be hilarious and entertaining. However, we must agree to enter into the delirium of this gang and accept certain embarrassing situations as possible, especially as the series builds to a crescendo and runs out of steam at times.

Fiasco is a mini-series in seven episodes of around thirty minutes each, which can be easily devoured in less than five hours. They have been available on the Netflix subscription streaming platform since Tuesday. You just need to have subscribed to an offer from the platform to discover this hilarious new program.