MANIFEST SEASON 4. A real success on Netflix, “Manifest” will soon end with its final episodes. The release date is approaching on the streaming platform.

[Updated May 22, 2023 5:44 PM] Manifest is soon to retire on Netflix. After its broadcast on TF1, the science fiction series has been a hit with surprise audiences on the streaming platform with its first three seasons, but also the first part of season 4, available since November 4, 2022. Since then, fans are longing for the sequel, which will definitely conclude the sci-fi plot.

And it’s now official, Manifest Season 4 Part 2 is coming to Netflix very soon. The last ten episodes will go live on June 2, 2023 on the streaming platform. After that, the series will definitely be over, and the mysteries surrounding the passengers of Montego Flight 828, projected into the future, should all be solved. Check out the trailer for Manifest’s ending below.

Manifest follows the passengers of Montego Flight 828 which mysteriously lands in New York…five years in the future. In the casting, viewers may recognize Joshua Dallas (Once upon a time), Melissa Roxburgh (I still believe), Athena Karkanis (Saw 4), J.R. Ramirez (Jessica Jones) or even Matt Long (Homecoming). All three seasons, which aired on NBC from 2018 to 2021, are currently available on Netflix, ahead of Season 4’s release.