This film adapting a cult SF work is broadcast on television this week. While everyone considered the challenge impossible, it became a classic of the genre in just a few years.

It’s a great cinematic gesture that can be seen on television this week. Considered an immense cinematographic challenge, the contract is nevertheless fulfilled with this spectacular science fiction blockbuster which has become instantly cult, by adapting a classic of the genre’s literature. See you this Sunday March 3 to (re)watch the first part of Dune on television.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve (First Contact, Blade Runner 2049), this new adaptation of the novel considered unadaptable by Frank Herbert was released in cinemas in 2021. As readers of this science fiction monument know, this film follows the adventures by Paul Atreides, sent with his family to the desert planet Arrakis in order to exploit its most important resource in the galaxy: spice. But the Harkonnen family does not see this arrival favorably and a conflict begins to take power in this hostile territory.

In the casting, these are the last essential faces of Hollywood who are brought together: Timothée Chalamet plays the main protagonist opposite Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, Stellan Skarsgaard, Jason Momoa or even Josh Brolin and Dave Bautista. In the second part currently in theaters, they are joined by Austin Butler, Florence Pugh and Javier Bardem.

This is not the first time that cinema has attempted to adapt Dune to the cinema, but no attempt until now has found favor in the eyes of critics and the public, so much so that Frank Herbert’s novel has long been deemed not transferable to the big screen. A version produced by David Lynch was released in 1984 but was widely criticized by critics. For his part, Alejandro Jodorowsky never managed to complete his project to adapt the journey of Paul Atréides, but his attempt gave rise to a documentary released in 2013.

Nothing to do with Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster which won over the press and the public: spectacular and monumental, the science fiction feature film received a rating of 4/5 from the press on Allociné and 4.2/ 5 from spectators. At the box office, there are more than 3 million in France traveling to cinemas, while revenues amount to more than 401.8 million dollars worldwide.

Dune, first part is broadcast on television this Sunday March 3, 2024. You must go to TF1 to see Denis Villeneuve’s film, from 9:10 p.m. And if you haven’t already done so, it is also possible to discover its sequel, released in cinemas since February 28, 2024.