Three years after being officially announced, the new film in the franchise “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” is in the dark and may never see the light of day…

Immediately announced, already cancelled? The fate of the reboot of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, a cult 1990s film, doesn’t seem to be looking good. The feature film featuring the surprising encounter of the Szalinski children and their little Thompson neighbors, reduced to the size of a flea by a totally crazy invention, made $ 130 million on American soil the year of its release , in 1989, and $222 million worldwide. The adventure was then devoured by a whole generation.

The sequel, which was to see Rick Moranis (Professor Szalinski) resume the role he held in the American comedy, was announced in 2020. And we were already looking forward to finding the characters. But three years and a pandemic later, the feature film still hasn’t started filming or even production, so the project seemed to have been completely forgotten.

Comedian Josh Gad (Beauty and the Beast, Frozen), who was set to star in the film, recently gave some sobering news about the progress of production. A few days ago, he explained on his Twitter account: “Many of you ask me where the film is at. In truth, we were about to start production when the Covid arrived, we were on the about to start over when my schedule got too busy, we were about to start over when there were budget issues.”

Josh Gad then called on fans of Honey I Shrunk the Kids to show their interest in the movie, so it could eventually see the light of day: “If you want this movie, let Disney know!” It does not seem that, for the moment, that the solicitations of the fans have had a concrete impact on the project, the studio of Mickey having not announced the start of production of the reboot. For now.