APPLE TV FOUNDATION. This is the good news that Science Fiction lovers have been waiting for since the arrival of Foundation on Apple TV. The series will definitely have a second season!

[Updated Oct 11, 2021 4:44 PM] The announcement didn’t take long. After Foundation began airing on Apple TV, the platform and the show’s production company, visibly satisfied with the viewing data for the first episodes, reached an agreement to secure a sequel in a season 2. David S. Goyer, showrunner and executive producer of the series, who announced the news via press release. “I’m thrilled that a whole new generation of fans are reading Asimov’s brilliant masterpiece. We at Foundation think long term and I thank my partners at Apple and Skydance for entrusting me with this epic. . Fasten your seatbelts. We’re about to embark on one hell of a journey to the stars.”

Foundation is one of the major sagas of Science-Fiction. Written by American-Russian author Isaac Asimov from the 1950s, Foundation had never before been adapted for the big or small screen. It is now done since Apple TV launches this Friday, September 24 the first two episodes of season 1 of its adapted series of Foundation. Composed of 10 episodes, the series must be broadcast on a weekly basis with one episode per week. So you need an Apple TV subscription to be able to enjoy it. It will cost you €4.99 per month to take advantage of the Foundation series but also the rest of the platform catalog created by Apple.

In the distant future, psycho-historian Hari Seldon predicts that the Galactic Empire will collapse and be followed by thirty millennia of a dark age. In an attempt to reduce the duration of this universal collapse as much as possible, the mathematician proposes the creation of a Foundation, a planet populated by scientists whose goal is to create an exhaustive encyclopedia of all human knowledge. This is the premise of the Foundation cycle started by Russian-American writer Isaac Asimov in the 1950s. Seventy years later, a television series adaptation sees the light of day on Apple TV. The opportunity to find out if this series of science fiction novels can also be entitled to a prestigious adaptation.

Composed of ten episodes, this first season features Jared Harris (Chernobyl) in the role of the visionary psycho-historian Hari Seldon. We can also discover Lee Pace (The Hobbit) as Brother Day, who seems to be inspired by the character of the Emperor in the first novel of the Foundation Cycle. Note that the adaptation of the SF saga is anything but simple given its structure. Indeed, each major chapter of the story takes place several decades after the previous one. A major challenge for the screenwriters but also for the casting managers since the number of actors should be, in fact, quite large.

The Foundation series is broadcast from September 24 exclusively on the Apple TV platform. As a reminder, this is a subscription streaming platform that gives access to many television series and films for the price of €4.99 per month.

In the streaming market, many platforms have launched themselves in the wake of Netflix. To attract as many subscribers as possible, most produce their own series. Foundation is an exclusive broadcast of the Apple TV platform which, as the name suggests, is owned by tech giant Apple.

In early October, a season 2 was made official for the Foundation series on Apple TV. The series’ showrunner and executive producer, David S. Goyer, shared the happy news with fans himself. “Since childhood, I have dreamed of what Hari Seldon and Eto Demerzel would look like – to Terminus and Trantor… Now, with Season 2, our audience will be able to experience more of the indelible characters and worlds imagined by Isaac Asimov , including Hober Mallow, General Bel Riose and all the Outer Suns”. Note however that season 2 has not been dated at this stage.