Dear Little is a German mini-series, available on Netflix. Program information.

A current psychological thriller over six episodes, Chère petite is a German mini-series available on September 7 on Netflix. Directed by Isabel Kleefeld, it is adapted from the best-selling novel Liebes Kind by author Romy Hausmann released in 1999.

The cast of the series is essentially German and little known internationally, except for Haley Louise Jones, a British citizen living in Cologne and who we saw in the British series Professor T. As for Jeanne Goursaud, a Franco-German actress in dual nationality but who has spent her entire career in her native Germany, she is in the cast of Barbarians, a historical series also from across the Rhine, also available on Netflix.

Lena lives recluse under the influence of her husband in an ultra-secure cabin with her two children Hannah and Jonathan. She manages to escape her terrible captor but after a very serious accident, she finds herself in the hospital with her daughter. When she wakes up, she has to face another, unsolved investigation into a sinister disappearance that occurred thirteen years earlier.

To watch the six-episode German psychological thriller Dear Little Fort, go to the Netflix streaming platform. A subscription is necessary to have access to the programs offered by the N rouge brand. The service being paid, it will cost you 5.99 euros per month for the formula with advertisements and 17.99 euros per month for the formula with all the advantages without advertising. Other offers exist between this price range.