“Bird Box Barcelona” is a Spanish science fiction film, spin-off of the film “Bird Box” (2018), which will be released on July 14, 2023 on Netflix.

In December 2018, Bird Box, a film directed by Susanne Bier with Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich, broke audience records on Netflix. This dystopia, featuring mysterious entities pushing those who watch them to suicide, still sits in a good position today in the top 10 of the most popular films on the streaming platform. Five years later, Bird Box is back with a spin-off: Bird Box Barcelona, ​​which, as the name suggests, this time takes place in Spain.

Bird Box Barcelona, ​​directed by brothers Alex and David Pastor and released July 14, 2023 on Netflix, takes up the same post-apocalyptic universe as its predecessor. Although the setting and the characters change, the premise is the same: monsters have arrived on Earth and whoever meets their dark gaze in madness leading to suicide. In the cast of the Hispanic thriller, Mario Casas (The Occupant), British actress Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Diego Calva (Babylon) or even Lola Dueñas (Volver).

In Bird Box Barcelona, ​​after an inexplicable event, mysterious creatures take over the streets of Barcelona, ​​forcing those who meet them to commit suicide. Sebastian and his young daughter Anna know the only way out is to live blindfolded. To increase their chances of survival, they team up with other survivors in the hope of finding refuge, but that’s without counting on a new, even more frightening threat that is looming.

Bird Box Barcelona is a sci-fi feature film starring Mario Casas, Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva. The film, a spin-off from Bird Box released in 2018, is available on Netflix on July 14, 2023. To see it and also be able to enjoy the other films and series in the catalog, all you need to do is subscribe to the streaming platform. Remember that this is paid, the price can vary between €5.99 per month (for a Netflix Essential subscription with advertisements) and €17.99 per month (Netflix Premium subscription).