Butt-kicking king Chuck Norris paid tribute to his “wonderful mom” Wilma on Mother’s Day in the United States. A message that did not go unnoticed…

He was known to be an inflexible policeman, distributing slaps and all kinds of “geri” (kicks in karate) to his unfortunate opponents, without moving his jaw a single millimeter. But he also knows how to be tender. Chuck Norris came out of near retirement this weekend to pay tribute to the “two mothers” close to his heart: his own mom Wilma and his wife Gena. Although it has become increasingly rare on the big and small screen since the 2010s, the actor and martial arts star remains very active on social networks and took advantage of Mother’s Day to post an adorable message on his Facebook account.

In the United States, moms are traditionally celebrated several weeks before French Mother’s Day, which has been set for June 4 on this side of the Atlantic. And this Sunday, May 14, the former Texas Ranger, now 83 years old, did not fail to share a photo of him with his mother as well as with the other woman in his life, Gena O’Kelley, who he married in 1998.

“Happy Mother’s Day! To my wonderful mom Wilma and my lovely wife Gena….I love you both more than words can say and thank God for you both everyday,” wrote the former karate champion in his Facebook post.

The first photo shows the actor alongside his beloved 102-year-old mother! The snap had previously been used by the star when he wished her a happy 102nd birthday in early May. Above all, it shows that among the Norris, iron health is transmitted from mother to son!

At the beginning of May, Chuck Norris, who becomes decidedly very sentimental with age, had already made an impression by sharing his emotion ahead of his mother’s birthday. “WOW! I can’t believe it. My mother, Wilma Norris Knight, will be 102 this week, May 4. She was born in 1921,” he exclaimed, adding, “What’s still most remarkable is that she is so full of life that she could still live to be 100 years old.”

And to continue: “Mom, I don’t know which is harder to believe: whether you are 102 years old or have an 83 year old son! Either way, I am very grateful that you are my mother. I always have been. We’ve been through some tough times in this life, and we’re still going strong.”

This exceptional longevity, Wilma Norris Knight probably owes it to an unfailing combativeness. Because the mother of Chuck Norris has not had an easy life. She was raised in poverty during the Great Depression and suffered the deaths of two husbands, a stepson, and her own son Wieland, Chuck’s younger brother, who died in the Vietnam War. She also lost two grandchildren.

The second image shared on Mother’s Day shows Chuck Norris in the arms of his wife, Gena, who is also the mother of two of his five children: Dakota and her sister Danilee, now 21-year-old twins. In all, Carlos Ray Norris – real name Chuck Norris – is the proud father of five children, including Michael, 60, and Eric, 57, from his previous marriage to Dianne Holechek.

He also had a daughter in the mid-1960s, Dina, now 59, with an unnamed wife.