ARY ABITTAN. A year and a half after being indicted for rape, the comedian and actor was finally placed under the status of assisted witness, alleviating the charges against him.

[Updated July 20, 2023 at 11:28 a.m.] New twist in the Ary Abittan case. Indicted since November 2, 2021 for rape, the actor was placed under the status of assisted witness. The investigation has thus taken a favorable turn for the actor, since his indictment has ended, the Parisian tells us this Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

Clearly, the magistrate in charge of the investigation considered that the investigation did not make it possible to consolidate or support the serious and concordant indications initially retained following the complaint, in particular the fact that the sexual relationship could have been violent. Consequently, this new status could allow Ary Abittan to end in a dismissal and avoid a trial.

If the elements collected during the judicial investigation call into question certain “probative” elements retained to explain the indictment, the judges recognize that it is “indisputable” that the complainant has suffered from post-traumatic stress since this event. However, the testimonies of Ary Abittan’s exes and the actor’s psychiatric and psychological expertise tipped the scales in his favor.

As a reminder, since October 31, 2021, a 23-year-old young woman who had a relationship with the comedian accused him of having imposed on her, during consensual sexual intercourse, sodomy which she had explicitly refused a few hours earlier, without asking her consent this time. The judges’ conclusions also explain that it is not possible to certify that the traumatic lesions and bleeding initially observed on the accuser “result from an act of non-consensual sexual penetration.”

Biography of Ary Abittan – Born on January 31, 1974 in Paris, Ary Abittan comes from a Jewish family in North Africa. He financed his first theater lessons by running taxis, and began to perform his sketches on stage in 1994. In 1998, he performed at the Splendid, the Lucernaire and the Treviso theatre, and made himself known to the general public by performing the first parts of Enrico Macias, Gad Elmaleh and Elie Semoun. Ary Abittan took his first steps on television in the series “Our pension years” (broadcast between 2007 and 2010), in which he landed the main role. In the cinema, we find him in “Can you keep a secret?” by Alexandre Arcady (2008), “La Traque” (2008) and “So close” (2008). Gad Elmaleh entrusts him with a small role in his comedy “Coco” (2009).

In 2010, Ary Abittan is on the poster of “The Neighbours’ Day”. In 2009, he played his show “A la folie” at the Palais des Glaces and at the Paris comedy, before going on tour. In 2010, he appeared in “Dépression et des potes” and lent his voice in the documentary “Chimpanzés” (2012), Ary Abittan found Michaël Youn in 2013 in “Vive la France”, toured in “Hôtel Normandy” by Charles Nemes and in “La Grande Boucle” by Laurent Tuel. He participated for the first time in the Festival Marrakech du rire in 2012.

After the success of “What have we done to God” (2014) and its sequel “What have we done to God again” (2019), Ary Abittan appears in the TV movie “L’esprit de famille” (2014) but also in the comic film “Les Visiteurs 3” (2016) then “A bras Ouvertes” (2017). In parallel with his cinematographic projects, Ary Abittan continues his comic shows: he performs on stage for “My Story” (2017) where he confides in his private life.

If Ary Abittan has played in several comedies and several comic shows, it is since 2014 that he is known to the general public. He is part of the cast of the comedy “What have we done to God”, alongside Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby. This feature film, which denounces racism, anti-Semitism and the question of mixed marriages in France, is a real success: it has accumulated a total of 12.3 million admissions. In 2019, Ary Abittan naturally joined the cast of his sequel, “What have we done to God again”, still in his role as David Maurice Isaac Benichou. A third part, entitled “What have we all done to God?”, is expected for the year 2022.

Ary Abitatn is an actor but also a comedian, specializing in comedy. He began to perform his sketches on stage in 1994, performing in several Parisian venues such as the Splendid or the Théâtre Trévise. Before embarking on one-man shows, he played in the play “Happy Hanoukah” in 2007. It was from September 1, 2009 that he played his first show, entitled “A la folie”. He then enjoyed success on stage with “My Story”, very inspired by his personal life. A real success, he played this text alone on stage from 2017 to the end of 2019. In December 2021, he was to perform his last comic show, entitled “For real”.

Ary Abittan revealed all his private life in his show, “My Story”, which he plays from 2017 to 2019. We learn that he was married for 24 years with Sylvie Jorno, his childhood sweetheart who became his ex-wife. Their love story, however, ended in a divorce, also told in his one man show. From this union, three daughters were born: Léna, Romy and Betty. Since then, the actor has been more discreet about his private life. According to Closer, Ary Abittan would be in a relationship with a certain Sarah-Line Attlan, an entrepreneur with whom he would have appeared in 2020 in Ramatuelle.

The actor of “What did we do to God” Ary Abittan has been accused of rape since October 30, 2021. After approximately 48 hours in police custody, the comedian was indicted and placed under judicial supervision on Tuesday November 2, 2021. On July 19, 2023, we learned that the actor is no longer in police custody and has been placed under assisted witness status, easing the charges and may lead to a dismissal if this status continues until the end of the investigation.

A 23-year-old woman, with whom he had a regular relationship, accused him of “a degrading and non-consensual sexual relationship” which allegedly took place on October 30, 2021 at the actor’s home in the heart of the capital. According to the plaintiff’s lawyer, she would have suffered a “rape with violence”. He specifies on RTL that this would have resulted in ten days of ITT. Also according to the radio media, which quotes a source familiar with the matter, the accuser “indicates having suffered an anal intercourse without consent accompanied by violence”, accusing Ary Abittan of having “strangled” her and of having “inflicted slaps on her”.

On July 19, 2023, however, a court order weakened the evidence against the investigation. Ary Abittan is then no longer indicted. The investigation would then have concluded that the elements collected during the judicial investigation are likely to “weaken the probative value of the clues initially retained to justify the indictment of Ary Abittan”. In addition, the judges considered that it was “not possible to conclude that the traumatic lesions and bleeding observed at the genital level and at the anal level” on the complainant “result from an act of non-consensual sexual penetration.”