“Agent Stone” is an American spy film starring Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan which is scheduled to be released on Netflix on August 11, 2023.

After the success of Red Notice, the most watched film on Netflix, Gal Gadot returns in a new blockbuster from the streaming platform. In Tom Harper’s blockbuster Agent Stone, she plays secret agent Rachel Stone alongside Jamie Dornan as Parker, an MI6 agent, and Alia Bhatt as Keya Dhawan, a hacker. Described by Gal Gadot herself as “extremely epic” (Tudum), Agent Stone promises a healthy dose of action and adrenaline for viewers.

With motorcycle chases in the Alps or in the streets of Lisbon, a parachute jump from a snowy cliff and even a fight in free fall on the program, Agent Stone follows the trend of action films à la James Bond or Mission : impossible, but this time, with a woman in the main role. Knowing that the filming took place in Italy, London, Iceland, Morocco and Portugal, we can expect great action scenes in multiple settings. Agent Stone, envisioned as the first installment in a franchise, premieres August 11, 2023 on Netflix.

Rachel Stone is a member of an elite group of spies called ‘Charter’, ‘the best trained agents, with no political ties, no national allegiances, working to keep the peace in an unstable world’, the tape says -announcement. To achieve its goals, the Charter draws its power from the “Heart”, the most powerful general AI ever created. But global stability is threatened when a hacker manages to seize it. Will Agent Stone be able to retrieve it?

Agent Stone is an action feature film directed by Tom Harper starring Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan and Alia Bhatt. The film will be available on Netflix from August 11, 2023. To see it and also be able to enjoy the other films and series in the catalog, you must subscribe to the streaming platform. Remember that it is paid, the price can vary between €5.99 per month (for a Netflix Essential subscription with advertisements) and €17.99 per month (Netflix Premium subscription).