A Zone to Defend is the first French film, exclusively reserved for the Disney platform. This romance, which flirts with drama, is available from July 7, 2023.

Directed and written by Romain Cogitore, A Zone to Defend is the first original French film offered by Disney. To take up the bet of streaming, the director has chosen to bring together new François Civil and Lyna Khoudri, in the role of two lovers that everything opposes. The two actors were already giving the reply in the film the Three musketeers, where their alchemy which bursts the screen. The film is also produced by the production company Chi-Fou-Mi, a subscriber to French hits.

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Greg is a DGSI agent and Myriam, an environmental activist. Both meet while Greg has infiltrated a ZAD during a mission. Their attraction is obvious, but they lose sight of each other. When they meet again 18 months later, Myriam is now the mother of a child. However, neither her feelings nor those of Greg have disappeared and the latter will have to choose between love and his profession, before it is too late.

A Zone to Defend is available from July 7, 2023 on the Disney streaming platform. To discover the first original Disney film exclusively and enjoy all Disney content, films, series or documentaries, you can subscribe to the VOD platform from 8.99 euros per month.