The Real cohost, 43 years old, said that it was the hardest part of the entire mom journey. I knew it was coming, but this is what I didn’t expect. It was more difficult for me than giving birth.

California native, the California native, wrote that although “nature happened so quickly” and she was able to immediately breastfeed, she didn’t make enough milk for her infant.


“Every three hours [has] been like this: Latch and formula, supplement with formula because I could only give her one ounce (IF that), go to pump to signal the body to make more milk, set alarm for milk thistle pills, sun Lecithin pills to increase milk production, take fenugreek Tea, massage the baby with a hot compress, or towel, then wake the baby up again, repeat,” the What Do I Look? alum wrote. “I had to stop myself, because it was affecting my mental health and making things feel darker.”

The stylist began “comparing” herself with other moms and became frustrated by her inconsistency in milk production.

Mai stated, “[I have] been] pumping an inch a day and nothing the next.” This is on top of the anxiety that this journey can cause. I’m not complaining. I am here to support moms, breastfeeding or not. I have greater respect for moms now than ever before in my entire life. “And I must remember me.”

The Holey star has been “listening” to a lactation nursing nurse, reading online advice and getting help from other moms. In the social media upload, she wore a pink pumping bra with gray sweats.

Mai gave birth in January to her and husband Jeezy, four months after their pregnancy revealed.

The new mom opened up to her Instagram followers last month about her postpartum moods. Mai captioned her Story from February with “I’m more introverted than I am outside.” It’s just so strange. … I don’t trust anyone or feel like speaking. I have become so protective that anyone could harm Monaco or my family.”