Due to a ruptured merger with a competitor must underline Thyssenkrupp’s several Thousand. Germany, in particular, is affected.

eat – The industrial group Thyssenkrupp wants to break down after broken steel’s merger with the Indian competitor Tata in the next three years, 6000. Of these, 4000 Posts are to be attributed to Germany, said CEO Guido Kerkhoff on Friday. Compulsory redundancies could not be ruled out in the case of a removal program of this magnitude, said personnel Director Oliver Burkhard. In the overall number of 2000 Points, which should also be used in the steel merger with Tata deleted. “It is quite a deep incision,” said Burkhard.

Fusion with Tata probably

For the approximately 27,000 steel workers of Thyssenkrupp, the Veto of the EU Commission was “a hard blow,” said Kerkhoff. To them the merger with Tata would have given “a perspective for the future”. The IG Metall had a guarantee of Employment until 30. September 2026, as well as a long-term security is achieved. This collective agreement will not now come into force, said Burkhard.

Thyssenkrupp had previously said that the for more than a year aimed at steel merger with Tata Steel will not likely come about. We expect that the EU-Commission of the merger. The merger would be Europe’s second largest steel group with approximately 48 000 employees and plants in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands.

splitting the group into two companies

Kerkhoff has been cancelled, therefore, the planned splitting of the group into two independent, publicly traded company for materials and for industrial goods. “The group remains as a Whole,” he said. In order to get new money into the Fund, will Kerkhoff now profitable lift division of the group listed on the stock exchange. This had been demanded by investors.

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