A well-known British TV actor and comedian is dead in his apartment found. Shortly before his death, he posted something on Facebook.

Malaga – Great mourning for Freddie Starr. The British Comedian died at the age of 76 years at his home on the Costa del Sol. The Sun reported, among other things. Starr’s supervisor confirmed, therefore, to the death.

In the ’70s and’ 80s, Starr was one of the most popular TV Stars on the island. In 2011, he participated in the British Version of the jungle camp (“I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!“) part, from increased, but due to health problems.

Tragic: Shortly before his death, Starr turned in relation to the state of his health with a Facebook Post to his Fans.

Freddie Starr dead in apartment found a short time before he posted something on Facebook

So, he wrote a few weeks ago on his Facebook page: “I hope you are all well. I think of myself, as well as it goes.“

+ Freddie Starr in 2011, the British edition of the jungle camp.©Screenshot/Youtube

Eight days before his sudden demise, he posted: “I’m okay. I’m often tired, but otherwise I’m good.“

Starr had suffered in 2010 from a heart attack and four Bypasses. Again and again he had problems with his health. In addition to his heart problems he was suffering a lung, so he had to 2015, some TV appearances to cancel.

Tragic: Starr’s supervisor was only 30 minutes away

managers, of which only the first name Nelly, is specified, tells the Sun the circumstances. Accordingly, Starr remained on Thursday afternoon at home, as the supervisor was out shopping. When he came back at 15.30 local time, was Rigid, lifeless. “I went to the supermarket for maybe 30 minutes and when I came back, he was dead.” The TV Star had “many problems, but I didn’t know that he’s bad.” Obviously, Starr decided not to tell too much about his health problems. Now he is dead.

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