A woman enters her aunt’s apartment in Hanover. In the kitchen you will find the 93-year-old woman dead. The police of a violent crime.

In Hanover, was a 93-year-old woman killed The Elderly woman was of a kin lifeless in the kitchen, The police found has a terrible suspicion and a violent crime

Hannover – shock in the capital of lower Saxony: A 93-year-old woman was found dead in her apartment at the Kestner street in Hannover . A 61-year-old members made on Sunday morning (12. May) to shortly before 11 o’clock the terrible discovery. Initially, it was unclear whether the incident a crime. Now the police in Hannover, Germany is for sure. The was 93 years old woman killed . The police determined because of a Homicide . The nordbuzz.de* reported.

by Using a photos of the killed woman the investigators are looking for the tools , the 93-Year-old was last seen.

Hannover: members found killed 93-year-old woman in the kitchen

The 61-year-old woman found her aunt lifeless in the kitchen , and immediately called the emergency services. A this kind of doctor could, however, determine only the death of the woman.

After the first criminal investigations, as well as one on Sunday evening were autopsy by a medical examiner investigators with the police in Hannover, Germany assume that the 93-year-old Hannoveranerin is like a violent crime victims . By the publication of a photograph of the slain Elderly woman the officers of the criminal investigation stuff information expect.

Also in Emmerthal, near Hannover, a killed woman was found, such as nordbuzz.de reported.

violent crime in Hanover: police are looking for witnesses in the case of the killed woman

police questioned in connection with the violent crimes to the 93-year-old woman in Hannover :

Who has the 93-year-old woman since last Tuesday (7. May) seen?

shop for The killed woman was the last that day in a supermarket on Marian road in the district of Mitte in Hannover. The 1.56 meters large Elderly woman wearing an eye-catching, beige-brown wool coat, a purple hat and a pink shopping bag and a red fabric bag with a flower pattern had, as informed by the police.

witness evidence of the crime service in Hanover at the phone number 0511 109-5555.

another cruel crimes in connection with sexual abuse played out in practice is a dentist in Hannover. The nordbuzz.de reported.


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