Zoe Ball made a return to BBC Radio 2 alongside co-host Richie Anderson after taking some time off last week. Richie shared his experience of watching Novak Djokovic play at Wimbledon over the weekend, mentioning that Djokovic always does a kick during his matches. Zoe, unaware of Djokovic’s signature move, questioned Richie about it, showing her curiosity and humor.

Last week, Zoe had been replaced by Gaby Roslin on her radio show, following their coverage of Glastonbury Festival. Zoe recounted a funny incident where she thought she had accidentally swallowed her tooth while flossing, but luckily her dentist was able to fix the issue before the festival.

It’s great to see Zoe back on the airwaves and sharing light-hearted moments with her co-host. Her genuine curiosity and sense of humor add a fun dynamic to the show, keeping listeners entertained and engaged. Looking forward to more entertaining moments from Zoe and Richie on BBC Radio 2 in the future.