Whoopi Goldberg recently defended Prince William’s dance moves at Taylor Swift’s concert on the talk show ‘The View.’ She emphasized that it was the Duke of Cambridge’s birthday and that people should lighten up and let him enjoy himself. The other hosts on the show agreed with Goldberg, noting that the royal family has been going through a tough time with Kate Middleton and King Charles battling cancer.

Prince William’s dance moves went viral after he was spotted at Taylor Swift’s concert with his children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Sunny Hostin pointed out that William was simply enjoying himself and experiencing pure joy, especially considering the circumstances with his wife’s illness. Sara Haines also commended William for letting loose and dancing like no one was watching, even though he is constantly in the public eye.

Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed her support for the future king, saying that she enjoyed seeing him have fun and show off some dance moves. Despite some mixed reactions from fans online, many were entertained by Prince William’s unexpected dancing skills.

In addition to attending the concert, William also took his children backstage to meet Taylor Swift. The pop star shared a selfie with the royal family on social media, thanking them for coming to her show. William also posted a photo on his own Instagram, expressing his gratitude to Taylor Swift for a great evening.

Overall, the moment captured at Taylor Swift’s concert showed a different side of Prince William and allowed him to unwind and have fun with his family. Despite any criticism or jokes about his dancing, it’s clear that he was enjoying himself and creating special memories with his children. Let’s all take a lesson from this and remember to let loose and have fun, especially during difficult times.