LOREEN. Swedish Loreen won the 2023 edition of Eurovision, which was held in the United Kingdom on Saturday May 13, with her title “Tattoo”. She is the first woman to win the competition twice.

[Updated May 14, 2023 at 6:27 p.m.] Absolutely amazing! Loreen, the Swedish singer, is the big winner of Eurovision 2023, with her title “Tattoo”. She won a total of 583 points, from the jury and the spectators. She edged out Finland and Israel, who finished second and third on the podium respectively. Loreen called her victory “surreal” and “wonderful”, according to the BBC. This victory is doubly symbolic for Loreen, who had already won Eurovision in 2012. With this second coronation, she becomes the second person in history to win the contest twice, after the Australian singer Johnny Logan, who represented the Ireland in the 1980s. Loreen also became the first woman to achieve a Eurovision double. In 2024, Sweden will host the edition of Eurovision, and this year also marks 50 years since ABBA won in 1974, in Brighton, UK, with the song “Waterloo”.

Loreen was the bookmakers’ favorite for this edition of Eurovision, and she could well be set to break the Irish record in the next few years. A reporter asked Loreen if an artist’s number of appearances at Eurovision should be limited to two, but the singer replied that she didn’t know and could come back another time.

On the French side, La Zarra performed his song “Evidemment”, but had to settle for 16th place in the rankings. 37 countries were in the running for the 2023 edition of Eurovision, but only 26 were able to perform in the grand final after having qualified in the semi-finals or by being automatically for the Big Five, the most major financial contributors to Eurovision, including France.

Lorine Zineb Nora Talhaoui, better known as Loreen, is a Swedish artist of Moroccan origin born on October 16, 1983 in Stockholm. She is known for being a singer, dancer, pianist and producer, as well as winning Eurovision in 2012 with her song “Euphoria”. A feat she repeated in 2023, making her an artist to watch in the music world. Loreen started her career in 2004 participating in the Swedish version of the TV show “Nouvelle Star”, called “Idol”. Although she did not win the competition, she managed to get noticed by the public thanks to her vocal talent and her stage presence. Since then, she has worked hard to develop her unique style and catchy electro-pop music.

Loreen’s international recognition came in 2012 when she won Melodifestivalen, a Swedish music competition that selects Sweden’s representative at Eurovision. She won the competition with her song “Euphoria”, which became an international hit. The song reached number one on the charts in several European countries and was certified platinum in Sweden. Since winning Eurovision, Loreen has released several albums and singles, all of which have been well received by Swedish audiences. She also continued to participate in musical competitions in Sweden, such as Melodifestivalen in 2017, where she finished in fourth place with her song “Statements”.

But Loreen doesn’t just sing. She is also a talented pianist and an accomplished dancer. Her training in contemporary dance and jazz allows her to create captivating stage performances that add an extra dimension to her music. As a producer, Loreen also has an all-encompassing creative vision for her artistic projects, allowing her to create a complete experience for her audience. In 2021, Loreen also added a new artistic field to her CV by starring in the film “Vinterviken”. The film, which was released on Netflix, is an adaptation of the Swedish children’s novel of the same name. Loreen embodies the role of the mother of the main character.