On the program of new musical releases of the week, the essential American singer Billie Eilish.

On the menu of musical releases of the week, there is something for everyone: from pop to rap. This Friday, May 17, 2024, on this first day of a new long weekend, several releases to note: the unmissable one of Billie Eilish’s third album, HIT ME HARD AND SOFT, but also Atavista by Childish Gambino or the single of two rap heavyweights, Lacrim and SDM.

Finally, it’s hard to miss the phenomenon Star Ac’ Pierre Garnier, who publishes a second single, riding the wave of his fresh success. Plug in the speakers, turn up the volume, here is the playlist of new music of the week:

The phenomenon Billie Eilish, 22, is releasing her long-awaited third album this Friday, titled Hit Me Hard and Soft, of which no single had leaked before today – apart from a listening session organized in New York. With ten unreleased songs for a 43-minute album, this disc was, like the previous ones, made with Finneas O’Connor, the singer’s brother. This disc, very pop and “his most daring work to date (…), does exactly what its title suggests, hitting hard but softly, both in the lyrics and in the sounds, while mixing styles and defying trends,” promises a press release.

A novelty that isn’t really a novelty, here is Atavista, published this Friday by Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino. This disc is in fact the finished version of his fourth album, 3.15.20, released during the Covid emergency in 2020. And the artist does not stop there since he announces another disc, Bando Storm and the New World, to be released this year, in addition to a new tour which will visit the LDLC Arena in Lyon on October 31, then the AccorArena in Paris on November 19.

We radically change the atmosphere: to announce his new album Veni Vidi Vici, the French rapper Lacrim publishes the single Colisée, in collaboration with SDM and which follows another preview of the already released record, Corleone II. Enough to hit hard, the two artists together have more than seven million listeners per month on Spotify.

Let’s change gear again to close this playlist of the week’s releases with THE French phenomenon of recent weeks – which is beyond us, but we are happy to participate: the winner of Star Ac’, Pierre Garnier, who is releasing a new single called Nous we know, which follows his very first and huge hit, Those We Were. The budding artist from Villedieu-les-Poêles will soon release a record, Every Second, expected in stores on June 7.