Unexpected Romance Unveiled at ‘São João da Thay’ Event; Get the Inside Scoop

Davi and Jaquelline were spotted together at the event in Maranhão

After reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend, Mani Reggo, at São João da Thay, currently taking place in Maranhão, Davi Brito might be embarking on a new romance at the event.

The Big Brother Brazil 24 (Globo) champion shared a fan moment with Jaquelline Grohalski, winner of A Fazenda 15 (Record), where they took photos and Davi fangirled over the influencer.

Following the photos posted on social media this Friday, the web suggested that the two might have spent the night together at the hotel. In one video, an influencer was at the hotel’s breakfast, chatting with Jaquelline, hinting that she had spent the night with Davi. The former A Fazenda contestant asked the friend to stop but didn’t deny the information, looking quite embarrassed. “I almost got caught, brought a boy to my room…,” said Jaquelline in the recording. “Davi,” the influencer interrupted. “Stop it, boy!” Jaque replied, laughing.

In another clip, they were seen very close to each other in a leisure area of the hotel during a live music show. “If it’s true, they’ll be a couple of CHAMPIONS. Beating the money that is now opportunism,” wrote one user, taking a jab at Mani Reggo. “They’re getting together just by being next to each other? Just on the day the supposed attempt to pair him with Mani came out? Tell me another story,” said another.

Stay tuned for more updates on this unexpected romance that has blossomed at the ‘São João da Thay’ event!