Vonda Shepard recently shared her experiences from her time performing the theme song for the popular TV show Ally McBeal. She fondly remembers working with Calista Flockhart and revealed that they are still good friends, meeting up just a couple of nights ago. Despite her success on the show, Shepard’s journey to stardom began in New York City.

Growing up in an unconventional household with bohemian parents, Shepard had the freedom to pursue her passion for music from a young age. Her father, a mime and theater director, recognized her talent for singing and songwriting early on, leading her to perform in music clubs at just 14 years old.

After years of hard work, Shepard’s big break came with her self-titled album in her mid-twenties, featuring hits like “Don’t Cry Ilene” and “Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow.” Her career took an unexpected turn when she started singing backup for Jackson Browne and eventually landed a role on Ally McBeal, thanks to the connection made through her music.

Throughout her time on the show, Shepard continued to perform live and tour extensively, finding joy in sharing her music with audiences worldwide. Even after the show ended, she remained dedicated to her music career and continues to prioritize performing for her fans.

Today, Shepard lives in California with her husband Mitchell Froom, a musician known for playing keyboard with Crowded House. Despite her success, she remains humble and focused on connecting with her audience through her music.

As she gears up for the 20th Annual Cape Cod Jazz & Arts Festival, Shepard reflects on her setlist choices and the balance between performing her original songs and covers. While she always includes “Searchin’ My Soul” in her setlist, she also enjoys introducing her fans to new music beyond her Ally McBeal days.

For Shepard, performing live is not just a job but a way to feed her soul and connect with her fans on a deeper level. She values the energy and feedback she receives from her audience and remains grateful for the opportunity to share her music with the world.