In a recent interview on the podcast Go to Bat, Viggo Mortensen, best known for his role in Lord of the Rings, opened up about his latest project, The Dead Don’t Hurt, where he took on the roles of director, composer, and lead actor. During the conversation, Mortensen shared his thoughts on what defines the perfect Western film, his experience working with Peter Jackson, and the possibility of reprising his role as Aragorn in a potential reboot.

Mortensen also took the opportunity to reflect on his past work, revealing that there are some films from his extensive filmography that he believes deserve more recognition. He also mentioned a particular role that he missed out on, which he believes could have had a significant impact on his career trajectory.

When discussing his missed opportunities in his acting career, Mortensen expressed a sense of regret but also acknowledged that such experiences have shaped his journey as an artist. Despite the setbacks, Mortensen remains focused on his craft and continues to explore new creative avenues, such as directing and composing.

In addition to his reflections on his career, Mortensen shared insights into his creative process and the challenges he faced while working on The Dead Don’t Hurt. He discussed the importance of authenticity and attention to detail in bringing a story to life on the screen, emphasizing the importance of staying true to the essence of the Western genre.

As Mortensen continues to expand his artistic horizons, fans can look forward to seeing more diverse and compelling projects from the talented actor. Whether he decides to revisit iconic roles or pursue new and challenging opportunities, Mortensen’s dedication to his craft is evident in his work on and off the screen.

Stay tuned for more updates on Viggo Mortensen’s upcoming projects and be sure to catch his latest film, The Dead Don’t Hurt, for a captivating cinematic experience that showcases his multifaceted talents.