Victoria Beckham shared a sweet memory from her romantic getaway with David Beckham in 1997 in a recent Instagram post. The couple visited Portofino, and Victoria expressed her excitement about being there with David for the first time. She described the intensity of their time together during those 48 hours as amazing and added kisses to David and her beauty line.
This special moment inspired Victoria to create a new fragrance called “Portofino ‘97” as a tribute to their early romance. The former Spice Girl’s post comes in the wake of revelations about a challenging period in their relationship that was highlighted in David Beckham’s documentary.
In the documentary, Posh Spice admitted that it was a tough time for them and felt like the world was against them. She confessed that they were also against each other during that period. David Beckham shared his perspective on the difficult time they faced, saying that they felt like they were drowning but somehow managed to get through it.
Amidst rumors of an alleged affair, Rebecca Loos, the woman involved, spoke out about how she was portrayed in a negative light. She expressed that David was painting himself as the victim and making her out to be a liar, causing her unnecessary suffering. Despite these challenges, Victoria and David Beckham went on to build a beautiful family together, welcoming four children into the world.
The Beckhams’ love story has been filled with ups and downs, but their commitment to each other and their family has remained strong. Their journey from early romance to facing challenges together and building a life as a family serves as an inspiration to many. The creation of Victoria’s new fragrance as a nod to their special memory in Portofino further cements their enduring love story.