Fans eagerly await the return of Outlander’s seventh season this November, wondering what fate awaits the Frasers. The last episode of the hit drama left off with Jamie and Claire heading to Scotland, while Roger and Brianna face a devastating twist with the kidnapping of their son, Jemmy, by Rob Cameron.

Speculation among fans has led to a theory that Rob Cameron may have a hidden connection to Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta, shedding light on his motives for taking Jemmy. Some believe that Rob could be a time traveler himself or a distant relative of Hector Cameron, who played a significant role in founding the North Carolina plantation known as River Run.

As the Frasers race to rescue Jemmy, fans are left wondering if Rob’s true intentions involve gaining access to the Cameron portion of the Jacobite gold or if he aims to use Jemmy as a means to control the future owner of River Run. The possibility of a confrontation between Rob and the Frasers in America or Scotland adds to the anticipation of the upcoming season.

Despite the theories surrounding Rob’s motives, some fans predict a grim fate for the character in the second half of the season. Speculation abounds about the potential demise of Rob, with some suggesting a haunting end for the character.

As Outlander fans gear up for the premiere of season 7, part 2, on November 22nd, the mystery surrounding Rob Cameron and his connection to the Frasers continues to intrigue viewers. With the promise of new twists and turns in the upcoming episodes, audiences are in for a thrilling ride as the story unfolds. Stay tuned for more revelations and surprises in the world of Outlander.