Extravagant Celebration of Carlota Fernández Hidalgo’s Communion: Details of the Hidalgo Family’s Event

The Hidalgo family recently came together to celebrate the communion of Carlota Fernández Hidalgo, the youngest daughter of Cristina Hidalgo and her husband, former bullfighter Javier Blanco, Director General of Be Live Hotels at Globalia. The religious ceremony took place at 12:00 at the Church of La Moraleja in Madrid, surrounded by friends and acquaintances.

Proud grandfather Juan José Hidalgo posed with his five granddaughters, as well as his daughter María José and his ex-wife, Eloísa Gutiérrez, with whom he maintains an excellent relationship. Notably absent from both the mass and the subsequent celebration was Javier Hidalgo, Carlota’s maternal uncle, who is reportedly following the Begoña Gómez case from a property in Botswana.

Following the ceremony, guests made their way to the restaurant La Borda del Mentidero, located across from the Telefónica building in Las Tablas. Due to rain in Madrid, the celebration had to be moved indoors to a greenhouse. The cocktail hour featured excellent drinks, and food was plentiful throughout the afternoon. Guests were treated to a churro and chocolate stand by the renowned chocolatería San Ginés.

With many children in attendance, the younger guests enjoyed a children’s area with numerous entertainers and workshops, while the adults had fun listening to music. Los del Río, famous for their hit songs like “Sevilla tiene un color especial,” entertained the crowd with a personalized performance, featuring lyrics dedicated to Pepe Hidalgo, the family patriarch.

Juan Peña took the stage at around 8:15 pm, another regular performer at Hidalgo family gatherings, accompanied by his wife, Sonia González, and their son. The event also saw the presence of familiar faces such as Fonsi Nieto, Fiona Ferrer, designer Inés Domecq, and Jesús Nuño de la Rosa, former CEO of El Corte Inglés and current CEO of Air Europa.

Given the caliber of guests in attendance, Carlota likely had her dream of owning a pony fulfilled, as requested on the pink-toned invitation card received by attendees.