Sex and the City actor Kyle MacLachlan, known for his role as Trey MacDougal, recently hinted at the possibility of making a comeback in the HBO spin-off series, And Just Like That… In the show’s fourth season, Trey’s marriage with Charlotte York faced challenges such as impotence, an interfering mother-in-law, and differing opinions on children. After the season concluded, Kyle left the show, and Charlotte’s storyline continued as she tied the knot with her divorce lawyer, Harry Goldenblatt.

Despite the original series ending in 2004, several spin-offs have been created over the years, with the latest being the 2021 sequel series And Just Like That… featuring many original cast members. Speaking to People Magazine about the show’s resurgence and growing fan base, Kyle mentioned, “People really love that show. It has stayed around and, not unlike Desperate Housewives, people really enjoy that show.”

He also noted the renewed interest in the show with the return of Sex and the City, attracting a new, younger fan base. Many younger viewers discovered the show through older friends, family members, or siblings who introduced them to it. Kyle expressed his fond memories of working on the show and collaborating with Kristin Davis, describing the experience as enjoyable.

When asked about the possibility of Trey’s return in the sequel series, Kyle disclosed, “There’s always a chance. It’s all up to the creatives behind the show – and they’re all brilliant – to decide.” He expressed his willingness to reprise his role and reflected on the positive experience he had while working on the show.

Fans of Sex and the City can purchase episodes on various platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, and YouTube. As the series continues to captivate audiences with its iconic characters and storylines, the potential return of Trey MacDougal in And Just Like That… remains a topic of interest among fans.

In addition to Kyle MacLachlan’s insights, the enduring appeal of Sex and the City can be attributed to its relatable themes, strong female characters, and timeless fashion. The show’s exploration of relationships, career challenges, and friendship resonates with viewers of all ages, contributing to its enduring popularity. As fans eagerly await the upcoming seasons of And Just Like That…, the possibility of familiar faces like Trey MacDougal making a comeback adds to the excitement surrounding the series.