The news of Emmerdale’s character Tom King, played by James Chase, has shocked fans as his fate was confirmed after being electrocuted. Tom’s return to the Dales last year brought back memories for viewers, especially with his rekindled romance with Belle, played by Eden Taylor-Draper. However, the relationship took a dark turn as Tom emotionally abused Belle, leading to intense control and physical attacks.

The recent episode on Monday (June 24) took a dramatic turn when Belle, after revealing her situation to her mental health care coordinator, decided to leave Tom. As she began packing her belongings, Tom discovered her deception about the pregnancy termination, resulting in a shocking incident where he was electrocuted and hospitalized.

The unexpected survival of Tom left fans expressing outrage on social media platforms. Many viewers expressed disappointment and frustration over the character’s continued presence on the show. The intense storyline has captivated audiences, with many speculating on what will happen next.

Emmerdale continues to keep viewers on the edge of their seats with its gripping storyline and unexpected twists. As fans eagerly anticipate the next episode, the fate of Tom King and Belle remains uncertain. Stay tuned to ITV1 and ITVX for more thrilling episodes of Emmerdale airing weeknights at 7.30pm.