A former member of the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini, has made some serious allegations against Tom Cruise, suggesting that he may be trying to bring his daughter, Suri Cruise, back into the faith. Tom Cruise and Suri have been estranged for quite some time following his divorce from Katie Holmes. He was not present at Suri’s recent high school graduation, highlighting their strained relationship. Reports have indicated that Tom Cruise has not seen Suri for the past 11 years, but that might change now that she is an adult.

Tom Cruise has been a devoted Scientologist for many years, and it was likely that he wanted his daughter, Suri, to be a part of his faith as well. However, after Holmes filed for divorce, their relationship deteriorated, and Tom Cruise has not been in contact with Suri for over a decade. With Suri recently turning 18, there is speculation that Tom Cruise might try to reintroduce her to Scientology now that her mother no longer has legal authority over her.

Actress Leah Remini has suggested that Tom Cruise’s plan might be to wait until Suri is older so he can persuade her to join Scientology and distance herself from her mother. Despite these claims, it seems unlikely that Suri will reunite with her father and embrace his faith. Upon turning 18, Suri changed her name to Noelle, indicating that Tom Cruise may not have a place in her life. She proudly displayed her new name during her high school play and graduation ceremony, showing that she is asserting her independence.

Tom Cruise’s absence from Suri’s high school graduation further emphasized the strained relationship between father and daughter. While Holmes was present to support Suri, Cruise chose not to attend the important milestone. Experts on Scientology have stated that Tom Cruise’s loyalty lies with his faith and the Church’s leader, David Miscavige, above all else. Despite rumors and claims about Cruise’s involvement with Scientology, it seems that he is fully committed to the organization.

Suri’s 18th birthday marked the end of any legal ties with Tom Cruise, including financial support. Despite this, sources close to Suri have indicated that she has no intention of reconnecting with her father. Suri has made it clear that she only considers her mother to be her parent and does not want to rely on Tom Cruise for anything.

In conclusion, the relationship between Tom Cruise and his daughter, Suri, remains strained, with allegations of Scientology playing a significant role in their estrangement. While there may be speculation about Tom Cruise’s intentions to reintroduce Suri to the faith, it seems that Suri is determined to maintain her independence and distance herself from her father’s beliefs. Despite the challenges they face, it is clear that Suri is focused on her relationship with her mother and building her own future.