GOOD DEAL THEATER. The Ticketac online box office celebrates Christmas early with its “48 hours of laughter” operation. From November 3 to 4, 2022, get a 10% discount on all comedy shows: one-man show, stand-up, comedy club or café-théâtre. We take advantage!

Need to unwind gently? Nothing better to start the month of November than a good fit of laughter… To make autumn rhyme with humour, the Ticketac entertainment and leisure ticket office is setting up a special “48 hours of laughter” operation. The principle ? For two days, on November 3 and 4, 2022, all comedy shows in the catalog will have an additional promotion of -10%. The perfect opportunity to see your favorite comedians all over France. On the program: Haroun, Laura Felpin, Fary but also Thomas Ngijol, Kyan Khojandi or Inès Reg. In Paris, Nice, Nantes or Reims, find the new talents of French laughter and artists with undisputed success.

To take advantage of this exceptional promotion, nothing could be simpler. On November 3 and 4, 2022, find the show of your choice in the comedy category and select the number of seats you wish to reserve. At the time of payment, simply add, in the “PROMO CODE” box, the code HUMOR10.

This offer can be combined with promotions already in progress. After validation, the 10% reduction is activated or added to the offers already in place. The perfect opportunity to treat yourself or prepare your Christmas gifts in advance to spoil your loved ones… On your tickets! To help you make your choice among all the shows, we have concocted a selection of essentials below.

The new French stand-up star is on tour in Nice, Marseille and Toulon to present his show Hors normes. Revealed on social networks and on the boards of the Jamel Comedy Club, the comedian from Essonne puts “glitter” in your eyes with this ultra-energetic show, written with four hands with Kevin Debonne. Jealousy, marriage, nudity, anything goes! To see urgently.

After the triumph of his previous show Maxime Gasteuil is coming to town, the comedian from Saint-Emilion offers you a crisp new creation at the Théâtre Edouard VII. On a staging by Edouard Pluvieux, we find him in full existential awareness: “why is he always so angry?” In his quest for tranquility, he tries yoga, dinners with friends, travels… but it is during a Homecoming with his parents that he finally understands why… he will never calm down! A delight.

He is the man of all successes! Author of the cult series “Bref”, talented actor (recently featured in the play 1h22 before the end), humorist, presenter of the program “Hot Ones” on Canal… Kyan Khojandi goes back to the boards this season for a tour of the Zéniths, with its show A good evening. Between improvisation and childhood memories, personal reflections and hilarious delusions, he succeeds here in making you laugh non-stop for an hour… or more!

Currently on display in the Désordres series by Florence Foresti, you can also find Baptiste Lecaplain on stage, at the Théâtre de la Renaissance, in his show: See people. Co-written with Florent Bernard (known under the pseudonym of FloBer), this new one-man show, absurd at will, transports you into the deliciously colorful universe of the comedian. Replies and punchlines fuse, self-mockery is not lacking and the rhythm does not weaken… faultless!

He is a past master in the delicate art of satire… Haroun, a grating (but never mean) comedian, is touring all over France with his show Seuls. As usual, he dissects the news with bite and puts his sharp eye on our modern society. It’s fine, well put together and funny.

At the Gaîté Montparnasse, in Paris, the irresistible Florent Peyre delivers a show halfway between the one-man show and the musical. Directed by Eric Métayer (with music by Pascal Obispo), the comedian embodies around twenty characters, each crazier than the next… and five animals (including four endangered)! A high-flying performance which, even if dictated by a common thread (the Premiere of a musical), can sometimes leave room for improvisation, a discipline in which Florent Peyre excels.

Celebrate before Christmas with Thomas Ngijol! On the occasion of two exceptional dates at the Olympia, December 22 and 23, 2022, the comedian from the Jamel Comedy Club offers you his brand new show: The Eye of the Tiger. Undisguised reference to the film Rocky 3, Thomas Ngijol returns to the boards like a boxer in a ring. With great improvisation and spicy replies, he masterfully evokes his daily life as the father of a blended family, his new life as a “bobo” or various societal issues. Always so effective and impactful!

Revealed on Instagram then in the TMC show, Quotidien, as a columnist, she recently burst the screen in Le Flambeau, Jonathan Cohen’s comedy series. Laura Felpin is adding a new string to her bow this year with her first one-woman show: Ça passe! Through a gallery of colorful characters, it’s all his funny and quirky universe that we find on stage. Ideal show to fight against the autumn gloom!

It’s THE comedy show par excellence… In the pure café-théâtre spirit, La Guerre des Sexes, a cult comedy by Pascal Grégoire, can be savored without moderation at the Enfants du Paradis, in Paris. With more than 800,000 spectators won over, the story takes you to meet Pierre, an eternal teenager, in a relationship with Anne-Laure, a working girl in a large company. Very much in love, the two however feel that routine has taken over. They will call on Isabelle, a nymphomaniac sexologist, to rekindle the flame.

Better than a comedy tray: two humor trays! A new place in the capital dedicated to laughter, La Scène Barbès is launching its Night of Humor with “Nouvelle Vague” and “Barbès Comedy Night”. If the first gives pride of place to the new rising stars of stand-up (six comedians on the rise), the second brings together the cream of confirmed comedians for a 100% new show. Most ? A delightful atmosphere, worthy of the biggest comedy clubs in New York.

On November 3 and 4, 2022, take advantage of Ticketac’s “48 hours of laughter” offer on comedy shows and book your tickets quickly! Enough to work your zygomatics as the end of the year celebrations approach.