Gyles Brandreth Shares Unrecognisable Throwback Wedding Photo

This Morning star Gyles Brandreth recently celebrated his 51st wedding anniversary with his wife Michele Brown by sharing a throwback photo from their wedding day in 1973. In the photo, Gyles looked unrecognisable in a handsome striped suit, shirt, and tie, with a full head of hair. His wife Michele looked stunning in a black gown covered in daisies as they posed outside Marylebone Register Office in London.

Fans were quick to congratulate the couple on their lasting marriage, with one person commenting, “Happy anniversary” and another admiring the fashion and style of the era. Gyles, a regular guest on The Morning, is known for his controversial opinions on the show.

In a recent podcast, Gyles made a shocking confession, admitting that he felt responsible for the death of legendary TV entertainer Rod Hull. Rod tragically passed away in 1999 after falling from the roof of his bungalow while trying to fix his Sky aerial during a storm. Gyles recounted a conversation where he had encouraged Rod to climb a ladder and fix the aerial, leading to the fatal accident.

Despite the tragic incident, Gyles continues to be a popular figure on television and social media platforms. Fans can follow Mirror Celebs on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Threads for more entertainment news.